Pointing the way to better productivity

Because today’s business world thrives on communication, technology that can break down barriers and streamline mobile productivity is always in high demand. TERACAI can help your workforce connect with clients and each other from anywhere, bring your remote teams together no matter where they’re located, and drive productivity like never before.


Design a Cisco collaboration solution that provides real-time voice, video and data over a single platform, enabling people using different modes of communication, different media and different devices to communicate to anyone, anywhere at any time.


Get the benefits of immediate face-to-face communication to the desk, home office or other remote locations. Your team will enjoy real-time access to information and set the stage for better collaboration through virtual meetings, audio conferencing and more.


In today’s rapidly-changing world, most IT staff members find it difficult to stay completely up-to-date with the latest IT trends and technologies. If you need to deploy advanced UC technology today, let our expert TERACAI engineers be your guide.

Learn more about using video collaboration to benefit your business with this infographic.

TERACAI's simple process makes it as easy as

1. Design 2. Staging 3. Knowledge


All partners are not created equal

What makes TERACAI unique is our people - and our process. Our engineers are not only certified in Cisco’s Unified Communications/Collaboration advanced architecture, they hold specializations in Cisco TelePresence Video Express, enabling us to expertly incorporate video into your collaboration solution. TERACAI is also a Cisco Cloud Services reseller, enabling us to provide hosted collaboration solutions if you need them.


Put our experience and in-depth understanding to work for you as we provide a collaboration platform designed to maximize your efficiency:

  • Help your workforce and customers stay connected anytime, anywhere


  • Provide real-time access to information


  • Bring teams together no matter where they’re located


  • Streamline your communications into a single platform


Simple collaboration deployments with TERACAI

TERACAI’s efficient process makes it easy for you to get the complete solution you need—with fewer hiccups along the way. From pre-sales and staging to deployment and knowledge transfer, our process is as easy as 1-2-3.


  • Early Engagement: Our team of sales professionals and engineers get engaged up-front to assess your current phone system, business workflow and opportunities to drive employee collaboration and productivity.


  • Detailed Design: Next, we create a detailed design document outlining your new UC system, including features, functionality and dialing details based on individual user roles. We also strategize the best way to approach on-site deployment.


  • Pre-Deployment Staging: Before any equipment is deployed, we can bring it all in-house to our 10,000-square-foot configuration and staging area - a service many customers use to their advantage.


  • Testing Assurance: We can stage all your equipment, create all the call plans and load all your licensed files, peer-dialing and cues - testing everything together in our environment for full assurance of success.


  • Risk Prevention: Our process eliminates the costly effects of out-of-box failure, return visits from engineers and project delays.


  • Learning from the Start: Knowledge transfer begins during our initial staging and configuration process, which you are encouraged to attend.


  • Side-by-Side Success: Working alongside TERACAI engineers, you can get a good technology overview and start building a working knowledge of using and managing your new equipment.


  • No Disconnect in Handoff: The same engineers involved in your design, staging and configuration process also take part in the delivery and on-site deployment, bringing the knowledge transfer full circle.


  • Day-One Support: The day your new system goes live, we provide on-site support to ensure your transition is smooth. Also available is optional post-deployment support that includes 24/7 phone monitoring, remote assistance and ISP escalation.


  • In-House Training: Next we conduct a train-the-trainer program (either on-site or via WebEx) and share best practices for managing a multi-user VoIP phone system.


  • Helpful Tools: After deployment, we provide full documentation and quick-reference guides on basic functions.


Want to know more? Click to download an infographic and learn more about using video collaboration to benefit your business.