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Desktop Virtualization

Improve your organization’s productivity and your users’ experience.

TERACAI can help you apply virtualization technologies to your corporate desktop environments and achieve tremendous productivity gains. Virtualized desktops allow you to deliver to your end users their entire desktops—complete with operating systems, applications and data—all from an easily managed, controlled and automated platform. This helps lower the overall cost of owning desktops and improves worker flexibility and performance, while providing secure, accessible computing environments.

Our desktop virtualization solutions include:

Dell Wyse

Thin Client
Designed to provide maximum security and performance—and save time and money—Wyse thin clients come in several form factors and mounting options. They integrate into any virtualized or web-based infrastructure, provide instant functionality and meet the performance demands of even the most processing-intensive applications.


Zero Client for VMware View
Wyse Zero Clients for VMware offer powerful PCoIP protocol processing for HD multimedia,
CAD/CAM, 3D solids modeling and multidimensional simulation, with zero-attack surface for
viruses and malware. They deliver an outstanding user experience in a compact, efficient package, simplifying VDI planning, deployment and management—and allowing secure delivery of any Windows application to any user on any device, with no configuration or management required.

Liquidware Labs

Profile Unity With Flex App
This is a cost-effective user-environment management solution for virtual desktop deployments and physical PCs—enabling any number of applications to be stored separately from the Windows operating system. They can be 'snapped in' in seconds at login, with the applications looking native to the operating system for instant compatibility. And there’s no complex software package to install on end-points.


Stratusphere FIT  
The leading desktop assessment solution captures physical desktop metrics to quantify resource consumption and baseline results. Stratusphere FIT provides data about applications, machines, users and the systems required to make informed decisions. It gives you the confidence to move forward with next-generation desktops.


Stratusphere UX
Platform-agnostic and supporting all Microsoft Windows-based workloads, Stratusphere UX provides the visibility to effectively manage desktop performance and the user experience. It supports physical and virtual desktop workloads in a single console, offering views of users, machines, applications and the supporting infrastructure. Statusphere UX collects data metrics about how your systems are operating and helps prevent issues that could impede performance.


Flex IO

Flex-IO is IOPS acceleration technology for both persistent and non-persistent VDI, including VMware Horizon View and Citrix XenDesktop environments. It efficiently uses host RAM, as little as 32GB per 100 users, to accomplish an average 40x increase per host. The RAM requirements of Flex-IO are approximately 50 percent less than those of other IOPS accelerator solutions on the market, so it’s very cost effective. Flex IO is also easy to implement. Simply download and install—you’re only three clicks away from integration.


VMware Horizon Suite  

This desktop virtualization platform transforms static desktops into secure, digital workspaces that can be delivered on demand in seconds. It allows you to provision virtual or remote desktops and applications through a single VDI and app virtualization platform to streamline management and provide easy access to end users. Horizon View secures data and simplifies compliance—with policies that dynamically adapt to the end user’s computing environment. You can leverage virtual networking to simplify and dynamically protect data center infrastructure and workloads.



The Veeam Availability Suite ensures rapid data recovery (RTOs of < 15 minutes), data loss avoidance (RPOs of < 15 minutes for all applications and data) and automated backup and disaster recovery testing capabilities for virtual environments. Backup data and storage snapshots allow you to create an exact copy of your production environment, and proactive monitoring and alerting tools make you aware of technical problems before they can have an impact on our IT environment.

Simple, secure decommission and IT asset disposition services for your data center

As you upgrade your data center solutions - whether through virtualization, cloud migrations, or technology refreshes - you will be left with surplus hardware. How you handle that hardware surplus can make or break your return on its investment.


TERACAI can partner with you to provide a streamlined decommissioning process that will evaluate, deinstall, data wipe and remarket your used data center equipment.


The goal of our IT asset disposition (ITAD) services are twofold:


  • Maximize value on your used data center technology

  • Safeguard your sensitive data


We employ the industry’s best data security practices to safeguard all your sensitive information. Our ITAD method can help you save time, resources and give you the best return on investment to help you continue to grow your data center.

Learn more about our ITAD services here