Data Center
Layer One Infrastructure

Don’t underestimate the importance of your physical connectivity

Far too often, organizations will place the utmost priority on hardware while overlooking the importance of layer one connectivity. CABLExpress, our cabling and data center technology partner, manufactures high-performance optical connectivity products. This partnership shows TERACAI’s deep commitment to, and in-depth understanding of, data center infrastructure topologies and how to design and implement them.


We provide all the cabling and data center equipment you need to ensure your technology infrastructure has the high-performance connectivity it requires. Building off the industry-leading CABLExpress Skinny-Trunk® Solution, we help you build both a strong foundation and a strategic plan for growth.

Let TERACAI guide you through the process of utilizing CABLExpress technology to build a scalable and agile cabling infrastructure providing optimum performance, design and manageability.

With a Skinny-Trunk® Solution from TERACAI, you can:

  • Meet or exceed industry cabling standards and dB loss guaranteeing industry-leading performance.


  • Save time on installation, maintenance and future upgrades in your data center and cabling infrastructure.


  • Spend far less capital managing and cooling your data center, thereby decreasing total cost of ownership.


  • Save valuable square footage and make room for additional equipment by reducing cable congestion.


  • Achieve the maximum return on investment with a solution designed to last through multiple generations of hardware.

The Skinny-Trunk Solution consists of:

Fiber Trunking

Our fiber trunking offers the performance, manageability, flexibility, repeatability and time savings you need.

H-Series Enclosures

Available in 1U, 4U, 6U, 10U (with vertical and horizontal mounting configurations) and 12U allowing for physical emulation of any switch configuration.

H+ Enclosures

Free up valuable rack space in your data center with the highest port density for fiber optic cabling currently offered in the marketplace.

10G to 40G Conversion Modules

These modules convert two 12-fiber paths into three 8-fiber paths to ensure no "dark fiber" pathways and allow for seamless transition to 40G network speeds.

Ladder Rack Enclosures

Available in two sizes, they're the first enclosures to mount directly to overhead conveyance (ladder rack and basket tray) in order to save valuable space in the data center.



Reduce cabling bulk 60% and provide maximum routing flexibility all while exceeding industry dB loss standards.

Data Center Fiber Jumpers

Their small diameter saves space, ensuring critical airflow paths are not blocked in cabinets; and they’re available in a variety of multi-mode and single-mode lengths and connector styles.

Z-Mount® Brackets

Available in 4-, 8-, and 12-port MTP® Z-Mount Brackets feature universal mounting to fit any standard rack regardless of manufacturer. Their unique design mounts to the outside of the rack, using no horizontal rack space.