Data Center
Validated Architectures

Be sure your architecture meets the demands of the people who depend on it.

TERACAI can help you evaluate the functional requirements that are essential for your organization, and which architectures are certified to meet them.

Our validated architecture includes:


SmartStack combines Cisco Unified Computing System (Cisco UCS) integrated infrastructure with Nimble Adaptive Flash storage arrays to deliver a pretested and prevalidated best-in-class integrated infrastructure for a variety of data center environments and applications.


The Nimble Storage Predictive Flash platform allows you to deploy a single IT platform for all virtualized workloads—and scale without disruption as you add nodes to your VMware cluster. With SmartStack, you can manage storage as just another aspect of the virtualized environment.


Your data center infrastructure becomes faster and more agile, secure and cost effective—speeding application deployment, optimizing performance and reducing risk while scaling computing and storage capacity.

Simple, secure decommission and IT asset disposition services for your data center

As you upgrade your data center solutions - whether through virtualization, cloud migrations, or technology refreshes - you will be left with surplus hardware. How you handle that hardware surplus can make or break your return on its investment.


TERACAI can partner with you to provide a streamlined decommissioning process that will evaluate, deinstall, data wipe and remarket your used data center equipment.


The goal of our IT asset disposition (ITAD) services are twofold:


  • Maximize value on your used data center technology

  • Safeguard your sensitive data


We employ the industry’s best data security practices to safeguard all your sensitive information. Our ITAD method can help you save time, resources and give you the best return on investment to help you continue to grow your data center.

Learn more about our ITAD services here