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Enterprise Networking
Routing & Switching

Routing - Security and reliability united

Together with switches, routing solutions are fundamental to your business network. By partnering with TERACAI experts, you can rest assured that your Cisco routing solutions will deliver a consistent, high-quality network experience for connected users.

Our solutions include:

  • Cisco Integrated Service Routers - Optimize branch services on a single platform while delivering an optimal application experience across branch and WAN infrastructure.


  • Cisco Network Edge Routers - Transform your Network Edge to deliver high-performance, highly secure, and reliable services to unite campus, data center and branch networks.


Switching - Connect to more scalability and security

Your switching infrastructure is the cornerstone of your core networking solution. If a switch fails, your business can be instantly disrupted - either with loss of connectivity for specific users or downtime for the entire network. Let TERACAI help ensure consistent network uptime from the core of your network to its edge.

Our solutions include:

  • Cisco Catalyst® Series Access Switches - Adapt your network to meet evolving business requirements and optimize new application deployments.


  • Cisco Catalyst Series Compact Switches - More securely and easily deploy services anywhere. These fanless, sleek, compact switches are ideal for spaces with limited wiring and cabling infrastructure, such as kiosks, conference rooms and call centers.


  • Cisco Catalyst Series Core and Distribution Switches - Scale network performance and reliability with industry-leading network services, integrated service modules and validated design guides.


  • Cisco Nexus Series Data Center Switches - Build a data center network based on switches that promote infrastructure scalability, operational continuity and transport flexibility.


  • Cisco Meraki Cloud-Managed Access Switches - Combine the benefits of cloud-based centralized management with a powerful, reliable access platform.