We have IT covered

CIOs and IT managers have a lot of responsibilites. They have a lot of goals and objectives to achieve. They are being asked to use IT to drive business.

In order to do this, they need to stay informed. IT managers need to stay up to date and stay sharp.  IT managers need to stay educated in both areas of technology and business.

It's good to have some reliable sources to provide the kind of information you need. Since the internet is where people can get their information most quickly and in many forms from just about anywhere, we are going to make a list of good websites for IT managers. Add them to your bookmarks, RSS reader, or any other software or app you use to get your information. You can even follow these sources on Twitter.

7 High Quality Websites for IT Managers

Harvard Business Review

Tech Republic

Ars Technica


BusinessWeek | Technology


If you are an IT manager and have a website that you like, please contact us and suggest we add it to this list.