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October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month and it seems every day you hear another story in the news about a different company that is dealing with data breaches and security issues. The U.S. government had information stolen recently, Target paid $67 million to Visa in a settlement due to its data breach, and Salt Lake County in Utah had the Social Security numbers and personal medical information of its employees compromised. It seems no one is safe, could you be the next victim?

If the government, Target, and Salt Lake County are having issues, it’s easy to see how every organization’s security may be at risk. Have you seriously considered your security and how it can be improved? While losing data may be your biggest worry, there could be bigger consequences. Many organizations report that a data breach has a profound impact on their reputation, brand value, and company image as a whole.

Do you have a plan?

Security is an essential part of your technology infrastructure plan. Without security, nothing you’ve built is safe. Partnering with a security provider who understands the severity of the threats you face and the breadth of the solutions that can keep you covered is essential to your organization.

A cybersecurity solution should be comprehensive, yet flexible and modular. It should include a proactive element that assesses vulnerabilities and provides a roadmap to coverage. It should manage risk with continuous monitoring of both internal and external threats and include a thorough strategy for incident response.

One size does not fit all

Your company is unique, and your security solution should be, too. Whether you have an open office space implementing bring your own device (BYOD) or maintain a traditional cubicle atmosphere, there are unique strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats for your organization to discover.

A good security partner stays available to you as time goes on and new threats emerge. If you are concerned that you have been left vulnerable, or if there is a change in your organization that needs to be incorporated into your security solution, a dedicated partner will help address the issue. Just because you are secure now does not mean you will be forever. New viruses, hacking methods, and threats are being created every day, so it’s imperative to stay ahead of them.

Best to be proactive

Your network is like a close-knit community - once one person is infected, it is only a matter of time before everyone else is infected. It’s crucial to secure your system now, not in the future after you’ve had a security breach. Most are never warned before a breach is coming - it just happens. Don’t let it happen to you.

You have been working hard to build your business and a loyal audience of customers, students, patients or end users. A data breach is the last thing you need. A proactive approach with a knowledgable partner is the best strategy to avoid the disruptions to your business, negative headlines, and possible litigation that could arise from that dreaded breach.

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