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Cisco Collaboration as a Market Leader


Cisco Collaboration as a Market Leader

By David Hasfurter, Senior Systems Engineer

Cisco collaboration offerings continue to lead the market due to their continued research, development and evolution of each product set. The technology continues to expand and Cisco remains at the center of the way the business world communicates.

Customer-Friendly Communication

Over time, Cisco has expanded their philosophy of how they create TelePresence hardware. Not only can they design and produce a great product set, but their technology has grown into a more customer-focused, ease-of-use design.

With this change of design, Cisco has won an impressive selection of industry awards—specifically on their MX300, MX500, and MX700 TelePresence devices—and rightfully so. The MX Series has the ability to transform any conference room into a video collaboration meeting space and connect colleagues, customers, and partners at any given moment. Luckily, the adaption to customer-friendly communication doesn’t end here.

Cisco has gone on to make products such as Jabber, WebEx, and Spark an easier and more effective communication tool for their users. With the new layout designs, Cisco has provided customers with a consistent user experience across mobile, desktop, or room-based video channels.

One Meeting Experience from Anywhere in the World

All Cisco collaboration tools are programmed to use a three-touch dialing service from any device, anywhere in the world. Now the three main communication functions—message, meeting and call—have come together to create one meeting experience. This has been made possible by the integration acquisitions Cisco has accomplished over the years, unlike other vendors who have to partner to create similar solutions.

Cisco has worked to maintain one of the highest market shares in the industry. This can be accredited to the research, development and integration of highly-effective communication tools for their customers. This process will only be mirrored and improved upon as their product sets move forward.  

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