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How to design a Spark Care template

By David Hasfurter, Senior Systems Engineer


What the heck is Spark Care? I’m one step ahead of you. Check it out. Now that that’s settled – let’s take a look at the design and easy use of Spark Care.


Currently, Spark Care K1 license is available, giving you the option to live chat and call back capabilities. The K2 license is in the field testing stage and should be released in just a few months. This will allow for inbound calling.

When designing a template in Spark Care you will see that the GUI is very easy to use and allows anyone to create a template.


It is possible to have more than one template. This comes in handy when you have multiple resources and services to offer your customer. Now, on your webpage you can create a page dedicated to support and a different design template dedicated to a sales page.

Follow the leader

Creating a Spark Care template is as easy as 1, 2, 3...4, 5. Check out these 5 steps and you'll have a template live on your site.

Step 1. Log in (duh)

First, log into your admin portal and go to “services.” Click on “features” to manage your templates. Click, create a new template to see three choices:


Step 2. Choose a template

For this example, I am using a chat template. Give your template a name. Next, select which features you want for your template using the easy toggle switches.


Step 3. Select customer information

After making your selections now you can create what the customer will see with the chat template. I clicked on the “How may I assist you?” attribute to show how you can customize it. After choosing the attributes for each section and clicking next it asks to customize the “Agent Unavailable” look.


Step 4. Chat availability, feedback and status messages

In earlier stage, I stated that this chat would only be available during certain hours, therefore at this step I am now presented with my business hours. After you select your hours, it’ll ask you to choose a “feedback” look. Next, it will prompt you to change the personalize the “Status Messages” your customer will receive when offline.


Step 5. Add the template to your website

Now that you’ve finished creating your template, you will receive the code in order to add it to your desired website. Simply, copy and paste the provided code into your content management system HTML viewer. After you’ve saved your changes, the Spark Care template will be embedded onto your site!


Ta da!

There you have it. Creating a Spark Care template is easily customizable and user friendly. It is a cost effective alternative to paying a web developer to do the heavy lifting. Speaking from experience, our team created a live, usable template in just three hours.


Cisco Spark’s main goal in streamlining this process was to ensure that anybody (even a monkey…probably) could do it!