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There is term in the world of information technology that you might have run into now and then – bimodal IT.  It sounds interesting, but what does it mean? Better yet, why is it important?

What is Bimodal IT?

Bimodal IT is a concept where 2 distinct information technology methodologies need to exist at the same time within the same organization.

Why Does Bimodal IT Matter?

As you are probably aware, things are changing in the world of information technology. There is a new IT, for lack of a better term.  What is changing?

  • The technology
  • Expanding objectives and focus of IT
  • Evolving roles and responsibilities of IT

Let’s compare traditional IT with the new, more agile IT.

Traditional IT has always focused on efficiency, predictability, and consistency in support of business processes and operations.  Agile IT transcends this traditional role. Agile IT focuses on being proactive and flexible to support and enable business initiatives.

The good news is that the role of IT is becoming more important and this is an unprecedented opportunity for organizations to adapt and prosper.  The bad news is that if you don’t make the shift, you may be left behind.

Enter Bimodal IT

A two-speed, bimodal approach to managing and exploiting information technology is when one mode focuses on further industrializing IT. This requires exploiting emerging cloud services and automation, and building on and extending the solid foundation of tried, trusted, rigorous processes, methodologies and services.

The other mode seeks to develop a more agile and innovative capability, culture and approach to leadership that can meet the emerging challenges of digitalization. The benefit to the enterprise is the capability to move more quickly, manage greater uncertainty and adopt a more collaborative style in the selective areas in which such an approach is appropriate and worth the additional risk.

To learn more about Bimodal IT, you can watch this free webinar. It is a little over a half hour and covers a lot of useful information.