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Technology Forum

Wednesday February 25, 2015 from 9:00am – 11:30am

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At this technology forum Dell will be sharing insights on how you can enable your teams to quickly and simply deploy new workloads. Listen to John Powell, Dell / Equalogic Storage Specialist, talk about Dell and EVO Rail are converging compute, storage, and networking into resilient, high performance , and highly scalable appliance.


Plus, you will learn about the key attributes of the Dell XC Web-scale appliance


    Converged - Seamlessly integrates server and storage resources

    Software defined – Delivers all services through software using proven Dell hardware

    Server-attached flash – Merges flash-based storage with compute for fast performance

    Hybrid – Delivers a unified data fabric supporting industry-standard hypervisors and clouds



For more information on how Dell XC Web-scale appliance can help improve your business check out the following:

Easy to deploy, support and expand
Reduce IT risk, improve business agility
Dell XC Web-scale appliance Simplifies and streamlines IT

“With XC web-scale appliance in place, IT administrators can manage virtual environments at a VM level using policies based on the needs of each workload instead of managing individual LUN’s, volumes or RAID groups. And, with the Nutanix Distributed File System (NDFS) running on each appliance, HDDs and SSDs can be aggregated across all nodes, with automatic compression and deduplication to increase effective storage capacity. This modular and balanced architecture enables non-disruptive increases in performance and capacity, allowing environments to adapt quickly and easily to dynamic, ever-changing demands.”


To learn more about the Dell XC Web-scale appliance, check out the following:

Dell XC Web-scale appliance page