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1. The New York SHIELD Act: What businesses need to know

We here at TERACAI have done some pretty extensive research on the New York SHIELD Act and there are some things we want you to understand about it.

Tags: NY SHIELD Act, security
2. Meraki Fisheye Security Camera Review

Meraki has been continuing to develop its security product line with both software and hardware improvements. The latest hardware release is the Fisheye (MV32) camera.

Tags: security, meraki
3. 4 Sessions at NY Tech Summit to Look Out For

From intimate networking opportunities with top technology vendors like Cisco, Dell and Spectrum, to an educational agenda driven by IT peers – NY Tech Summit is unlike any other conference out there. With 25+ educational sessions, it is impossible to attend every class offered. But there are four sessions at this year’s conference I’d like to draw your attention to. Gartner recently released a paper titled, “Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2018 [ID: G00327329].” The four sessions below relate directly with some of the trends Gartner describes in its research paper.

Tags: Cisco, Security, NY Tech Summit, IT education, IT trends, Gartner
4. The Scary World of Wireless

While most vendors have provided patches and workarounds to mitigate this security issue, I wanted to expand on wireless security overall.  As a quick background, I have been in wireless for over 10 years and have seen lots of security methods come and go. I have dealt with network engineers that have told me they need to have complete security for the wireless, to which my response is “use a patch cord.” The thing to remember is that wireless is easy to attack, since the attacker does not need to be inside the facility, just within range of the wireless signal to perform the attack.  

Tags: network, wireless, Cisco Security, data security, cyber attacks, security
5. Get Back to Business With Cyber Security Best Practices

With all the recent media attention surrounding the cyber attacks of WannaCry and Petya, I can’t help but think about the various ways these attacks negatively affect businesses. It’s an important reminder that we need to not only protect ourselves from these attacks, but to also have a strong backup and recovery system in place as well.

Tags: data security, cyber security, cyber attacks, security
6. Is WannaCry Just the Beginning?

A lot has been going on in the world of cybersecurity thus far in 2017. We wanted to make you aware of some of the developments, and how you can be proactive about protecting yourself and your organization.

Tags: cyber attacks, security, data security, Cisco Security
7. Cyber Attacks Predicted to Rise: Don't Be The Next Headline

Are you going to be the next cyber attack headline?You see the headlines. They are scary. More and more companies are being hacked. According to Pew Research the trend will continue.

Tags: security, cyber attacks, data security

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