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Cyber Security Provider Maximizes Efficiency and Scalability With Virtualized Environment

    TERACAI teams with AIS

    As Assured Information Security, Inc. (AIS) looked at its plans for growth, it realized that its current IT infrastructure was not scalable for future generations of hardware.


    In this short video, Robert Allen, former IT lead at AIS, explains the benefits of working with TERACAI.


    TERACAI’s team of engineers worked with AIS to develop a plan for the design and implementation of its network. With a focus on improved scalability and increased efficiency, TERACAI developed a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) network to deploy remote desktop service architectures.


Learn how the AIS team achieved these outcomes:

  • Increased scalability of infrastructure for offices in remote locations
  • Streamlined processes and minimized cost of physical hardware with creation of virtual network
  • Virtualized environment improved efficiencies and simplified troubleshooting and server backup
  • Creation of new services for internal customers

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We're located in Rome, New York. We have approximately 150 people but we have offices in other locations.


Before we had our open server room, basically the server room was wide open because it would overheat all the time and there was nothing scalable for it, so we would have had to piecemeal everything together and that wouldn't have worked. Since we do research and development, we want to be on the cutting edge of that research and development. How can we produce any product out there when we're not on the cutting edge ourselves?


TERACAI came in they helped us redesign our whole new network, especially in our new building that we have. TERACAI helped us realize the whole scalability itself, meaning our new office, and we built up from our new office. We had only 100 people I believe, and then with the establishment with TERACAI of our new offices that we had  at the remote sites, the new offices don't feel like they're remote offices at all. They're all under one corporate umbrella.


They helped us design, like I said, our new network that we have in our new office, and also our VDI project, our whole virtual project. They helped us accomplish that so instead of having more physical computers or physical systems themselves, we're pretty much I'd say 95% virtual. We're not constantly working on several different servers or anything like that all the time, we're in just one location, one server, easier to backup, easier to troubleshoot. Also it gave more services for our internal customers also too.


It's just easier for us, since we're a small shop, to handle all our remote sites and our local sites. It's just so much easier. I consider working with TERACAI - it's easy, easy to work with them. And it's more of a friendly environment. These guys, even if there's not projects going on, we can call them just to talk to them, even on a personal level. It doesn't make it feel like everything's always about business. I think it's a fantastic company, you guys are great to work with, and like I said the whole personal environment that's what we really like about it, because we're a small company ourselves, and it's just a great experience working with you guys.