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Insurance and risk management firm unlocks full potential of its UC and videoconferencing investments

    TERACAI teams with OneGroup

    OneGroup wanted to better understand their videoconferencing capabilities and use them to improve communications internally as well as with clients.


    In this short video, the team from OneGroup explains how they achieved better videoconferencing capabilities with a TelePresence solution they truly understand.


Learn about the advantages OneGroup has now realized:

  • Full understanding of videoconferencing capabilities
  • Able to conduct videoconferencing sessions with outside customers
  • Increase in videoconferencing usage


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Bob: We're at 17 locations right now and we've added probably the majority of these in the last two years, so we're expanding not only past central New York into Pennsylvania, downstate New York, maybe in the future looking at other states. We went real quick from ... actually this building, we had to build this building two years ago because we grew so much, so the communications between videoconferencing, keeping all the offices together, the phones, pretty much anything to deal with communications were issues that we were having.

Dani: When we started to have some ... I took over the front area. They started having some issues with the phones and things like that, and I knew that TERACAI would be able to help us a little bit more, so we all worked together and advanced our relationship a little bit further.

Bob: We started off with videoconferencing, with the web back so some of our licensing, we switched over. We found out real quick that we could trust them. They did a great job for us. We pretty much rely on them strictly now to help us out with our phones. Our phones have been a big issue here.

So our ongoing work with TERACAI is going on today and will continue for a long ... we envision this as a long-term relationship. They help us out pretty much with the videoconferencing, communications, and phones.

Dani: We had a previous company that had been working with us to get things together for both the phones and our WebEx and they have been able to come in and uncover some mysteries and things like that from the original install and help us learn internally. Also, how to train our people internally and get things rolling here.

Bob: They take the time to understand our problems so they can help us out. Figure them out not only short-term, but long-term.

Dani: TERACAI has been, for me, I came in with very little technical experience, I wasn't familiar with the phone system at all or WebEx, so David has really taken the time to nurture me and train me and take me under his wing so that I can learn to do things on my own as well. That's made my job so much easier that I'm not struggling and I have a resource that I can ask questions to.

Bob: They keep us on task. It's very easy to get sucked up in the days where you're just running around fixing stuff and taking care of other things. But implements, solve problems, their reaction time is phenomenal. Have no problems whatsoever with the reaction time.

Dani: They're really ... we don't consider them a vendor. They're really an extension of our team.

Bob: We're very comfortable with them. No problem whatsoever and they really are ... we really have partnered. It really is just not a work relationship, it really is ... we genuinely like one another and we talk to one another, so we really are a partner with TERACAI.