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Nonprofit's communications barriers eliminated with cloud-based UC solution

    TERACAI teams with Cayuga Centers

    Cayuga Centers committed to solving their communications challenges in a way that would benefit the entire organization.


    In this short video, the team from Cayuga Centers explains how they achieved better agency-wide communications with a Cisco Spark solution.


Learn about the advantages Cayuga Centers has now realized:

  • 4-digit dialing between branches
  • Videoconferencing participants have the feel of being in the same room


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Edward: Cayuga Centers is a cutting-edge human services agency in the child welfare, the juvenile justice, mental health, developmental disabilities, and immigration systems.


Eric: Our phone contract was coming up about a year ago. We were looking for a company that was local, somebody that we can work with, somebody where we're able to get help right away. We found TERACAI, and TERACAI stepped forward and helped us getting this project going.


Beth: We were on old technology and new technology, so initially we had the struggles of integrating that. We had staff that would be sitting across a hallway that would have to dial a full 10-digit number rather than just being able to dial a four-digit extension. By upgrading our technology and bringing in TERACAI in the systems across all of the agency, we eliminated that barrier. That was probably the first step was just in the phone system.


Eric: We went with the Cisco, the system that we went with. It's Cisco Spark. We've got paging up and TERACAI has helped us with paging and different other steps into the phone system. We're very happy with that.


Edward: Being able to pick up a phone and dial four digits from Auburn, New York, and being able to reach New York City, being able to reach Delaware, being able to reach Palm Beach Florida, is a whole different reality than if you're dialing, I'm not sure, what's that, 14, 15, 16 digits?


Eric: We have all these satellite agencies all across the state and out of state. One of the challenges that we had was trying to bring it all together. With Cisco Spark, we would be able to do a cloud solution. I was able to bring all the phones in. It just made life easier. The old phone system was on-prem, so that created a lot of issues. We only had a four-man office, just to put it on-prem was very expensive. The cloud solution just made it a lot simpler and it was cost effective for the agency.


Beth: We have enhanced our communication between all of our programs across our agency. Since we are not just Auburn-centric, we have programs in New York City, Delaware, Florida. We desperately needed to make that connection so that we were looking at the fiscal cost of travel. We were able to cut that down and improve technology and communication. We can now very easily and very quickly communicate with all our staff across all our programs. We've found that we are not only growing in number of staff and size of program, but also growing geographically. We really, really needed to make that communication connection.


Eric: As we learned with Spark and how good Cisco Spark was and what its capabilities was, we started looking at the videoconferencing. We're able to communicate in other ways than just using the phone.


Edward: We had been doing GoToMeetings, Skype, all kinds of other things. I guess if you don't mind the words, the lips, and the hands, moving in three different directions and having nothing to do with each other, those things work. Particularly, as I have a board that's split between Central New York and New York City, board meetings were increasingly frustrating. I've found that videoconferencing lets me have meetings that are effective meetings, lets me do mentoring, lets me do training and the like, where we get people on the same page.


Beth: The teleconferencing has now enabled us to, we have meetings that just feel real time, you know? We're really, the conferencing and being able to talk to staff across our agency is just, it's light years.


Edward: Communication leads to a sense of one agency, and it saves resources. We also talk about effectiveness and efficiency. Having good internet, having good phones, having a good video conferencing has helped us put more resources on task, has helped us change the lives of children's families, the other people we serve, has made us a better agency. Very much, we believe that TERACAI is a good partner. TERACAI also has delivered, and there's nothing worse than people who promise and don't deliver.