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Technology Incubator Ignites Small Business Startups With Cloud-Based Wireless System

    TERACAI teams with The Syracuse Technology Garden

    The Syracuse Technology Garden’s goal was to implement a streamlined technology infrastructure and cloud-based wireless system that would be scalable into the future, and provide significantly increased capabilities.


    In this short video, Seth Mulligan, former vice president of innovation services for CenterState CEO at Syracuse Technology Garden, explains how partnering with TERACAI has prepared his team with the knowledge to continue moving their technology forward.


Learn how The Syracuse Technology Garden team achieved these outcomes:

  • Streamlined technology infrastructure allows staff to focus on critical tasks and proactively meet client expectations
  • Consolidated routing and switching platform improves reliability and functionality of the network, increasing retention rate of clients
  • Cloud-based wireless system provides real-time network traffic monitoring to optimize usage and improve efficiencies
  • Comprehensive solution provides increased scalability to support future growth opportunities


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The Tech Garden is a business incubator. It's a large facility that tailors to helping startups. We serve companies so it's everything that we can to assist them, from coaching, mentorship, helping them find grants, helping them to understand their business models. While there's only about four employees that help operate the facility, it's home to about 110 employees and 40 companies. The Tech Garden has been using the same IT infrastructure since it opened. We had very old equipment, non-intelligent equipment. Our previous infrastructure couldn't tell us anything about the users' patterns. Are people using services like video sharing that was sort of non-germane to work or are they using like file sharing or things that might be useful to the companies?


We also didn't have a way of controlling guest usage versus tenant usage so we couldn't really tell if it was a big event that was draining all of our Internet capabilities or if it was simply the tenants. When we worked TERACAI, we looked for a solution that would be scalable into the future but also give us about 10 times the capabilities we have now.


TERACAI really provided a whole solution for us starting in our data closet looking at the way we were wired. They made suggestions about the switching and routing equipment, about how the Internet was delivered through our building. Candidly, our data closet was a bit of a mess, and so they started there and worked out. TERACAI effectively rebuilt our Internet and our public wireless and private wireless networks. All of our hard LAN ports and Ethernet ports throughout the building, but also new wireless access points. They did a wireless site survey to tell us where our signal strengths were best and where we could place new wireless access points.


We increased Internet bandwidth to the building and now we incorporated an intelligent wireless router and network system. It gave us smarter switches and it gave us the ability to understand and shape our Internet traffic. One thing I found amazing for us was the Merkai cloud-based system allowed us to look right in real time at what's going on in our network, including heat maps and radio interference maps so we can tell if our system is optimized really quickly. This dashboard that pops up is an amazing feature that me and my staff, who are not technicians, have been able to use very easily.


The ease of my job prior to TERACAI and now is almost night and day. We can now understand where our Internet traffic and demands are coming from at what hours. We can see in real time what's going on in the building and on the network. We have new security tools that we can prioritize certain functions over others.


It's given us a great deal of peace of mind around how capable our network is. It's really tough to call yourself the Tech Garden and then not have really good tech. A part of our brand is how well serve the Internet to our tenants and to our guests.


With the TERACAI solution now in place, we'll have some business benefits that allow us to retain our customers longer so when we have companies that come and actually live here in the building who pay us rent they expect to have a reliable network. We now can provide that for them. They also expect to have faster connectivity speeds which we now have done with our wireless access point upgrades.


For us, the business case is that we can provide our guests, because we can do a lot of events, a faster level of Internet, as well as the paying tenants. They're coming in now with multiple devices: a laptop, a computer, their own wireless access points, their own cell phones. Each of them now has a robust system that can sort of meet the way they work. Their companies are fast and nimble. They're building apps. This is the technology incubator, so a lot of our companies themselves are software- and IT-related, so finally we have the capabilities in our network to sort of match their needs. This also helps us shape and provide priority to certain bandwidth. Like if we have a large guest or a large event we can quickly section off a Wi-Fi network just for their use and protect some of the bandwidth that the tenants demand and need to keep their businesses running.


With our solution in place now were using cloud-based software to help us manage our infrastructure here so I can get reports or look right in on the system and throttle bandwidth up and down at different times, understand what services are being used in the building very easily. We don't have IT staff dedicated here at the Tech Garden so between our four staff we can understand quickly and easily the right the cloud-based solution what's going on with our infrastructure.


TERACAI has a great reputation in our region. We wanted to work with a local company that had the capabilities to work with multiple vendors and really craft good solutions for us. When we started working with TERACAI it was apparent that they had the full solution, the full set of capabilities for us. From the interview and then upfront information-gathering so they could build the right solution, to coming and doing tours and understanding the way the radio waves bounce around the building, all the way through the completion of project and the post work follow-up.


With TERACAI, we got the solution we needed but they also informed us and told us a little bit about what we could do in the future, including amazing teleconferencing solutions and things of that nature. The expertise met us at every level where we needed in the project.