Keep up with consumer expectations

In the commercial industry, building a customer-centric business model requires you to continually understand the changing wants and needs of today’s consumers. More and more, those needs revolve around technology.


The traditional “bricks-and-mortar” archetype is evolving rapidly – your online, “always-on” ecommerce presence is just as important as your physical locations. Now that products alone are not enough to draw in customers, the expectations placed on your technology infrastructure grow daily.


You’re expected to provide:


  • Real-time merchandise and personnel analytics


  • Customized, localized offerings


  • Enhanced, personalized in-store shopping experiences that increase dwell time


  • A single point-of-sale that merges all consumer-facing portals


  • Consistent engagement across all channels


It’s crucial not to get left behind. Your technology infrastructure sets the stage for your business, products, and services to benefit from new opportunities – a necessity for long-term growth.

Technology as the key to your future success

That’s where you could use a partner like TERACAI. We can help you implement the right technology to transform consumer experiences, enable your team to streamline functionality, and reduce the complexity of your day-to-day operations.


We understand that connectivity is at the heart of your success – without it you can’t engage today’s consumers or meet their expectations. The right technology approach can make all the difference. Our in-depth knowledge of technology and the expertise behind our services offerings will allow you to stay relevant with your customers.


When you increase security, maximize efficiency, and unify your data analytics you can make confident, informed decisions that will drive your business forward. Most importantly, TERACAI will be by your side every step of the way to ensure that your solution exceeds your expectations.


The Hershey Company

Scott Crowell of The Hershey Company explains how TERACAI has helped his team implement a collaboration solution.

Story from the field

Retail Success Story - SMARTnet

A privately owned retail organization, with more than 18,000 employees and annual sales revenue exceeding $3.9 billion, encountered a problem with their SMARTnet contract dealings.


This organization has a number of locations nationwide, so it's utilizing quite a bit of Cisco hardware. The problem is one TERACAI had seen before. The organization thought they were only dealing with 13 SMARTnet contracts, when in reality it had 265.


They turned to TERACAI to help with the daunting task of handling these contracts. TERACAI has reps on-site whose primary function is to manage SMARTnet contracts. Our reps worked to co-terminate all of our the organization’s contracts to a single end date, and then to renew them when the time came.


After proving we could deliver what we said we could, TERACAI has become a source of insurance agent for this organization. It has the confidence of knowing that TERACAI has its SMARTnet needs under control, and it saves a great deal of time in man-hours and money having its contracts simplified.