Tech Exploration Center

Welcome to an IT geek’s playground

TERACAI’s Technology Exploration Center is our in-house live network testing facility. Here we can analyze technology in real-world networking scenarios. We test new and emerging solutions from the technologies you’re considering implementing, including virtualization, VoIP, wireless, UC, security and many more.

TERACAI is a partner who understands that technology solutions must fit your company’s future. We explore the challenges you face and target technologies that can help you overcome them. In our Technology Exploration Center, we provide hands-on demos to illustrate the effectiveness of any potential solution you’re considering.


You can see us install the latest gear and build multi-faceted solutions to stay ahead of the trends so you get technology ready for real-world implementation.

It’s about taking the guesswork out of your solution and providing proof that TERACAI knows what can and will work for you.

Staging and Configuration Center

TERACAI’s state-of-the-art staging and configuration center provides the ability to pre-configure complex solutions and test them in a safe environment prior to implementation. This ensures on-time deployments with minimized risk to your production network.

Our staging and configuration services allow you to procure product and have it ready for production when it reaches your facilities. This frees you to focus internal resources on your core business, customers and market opportunities. Our options include, but are not limited to:

  • Perform IOS installations/upgrades
  • Power on assembled product to test hardware/module functionality and software recognition
  • Leave power applied for minimum of 8 hours to eliminate marginal hardware
  • Engineers aid in designing configuration to accomplish the functionality you need
  • Load your configuration into equipment, then save it to product specific configuration memory
  • Configuration is installed and tested by engineers using lab equipment as network simulators (frame relay, T-1s, firewalls, routers and switches)
  • Engineers work with you and your service provider to identify addressing, protocols, site locations, formats, and special applications