We have IT Covered
We have IT covered

With the needs and priorities of IT professionals constantly evolving it helps to know what direction the industry is trending. Recently we had a chance to interview over 60 of these professionals on their thoughts, needs, and outlook of the current IT landscape.


Did you know that cost and ease of doing business far surpass timeliness as the top priorities when dealing with an IT hardware provider? That’s just one key piece of information you can learn in our newest video, State of the IT Industry.


Another interesting discovery is how the cloud is expected to continue gaining traction in the foreseeable future. At the time of the poll, a majority of participants admitted that less than 25% of their organizations were in the cloud currently. That is likely to change, as it was also the top selection for technology initiatives organizations will invest in over the next year.


You can check out the video here to learn more, and see what IT pros think about issues like data center decommissioning, third-party maintenance, and data security.