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Next Generation Data Center Design: Building the Internal Cloud

Gain insight into the importance of building out every aspect of your data center to support this effort and position your infrastructure to support business applications, and ultimately your business as a whole. Tune in to learn how next generation data center design and the cloud changes how you can deliver services to your users.

The Greening of IT: E-Waste Recycling & Sustainability

Green IT is more than just a buzz phrase. Understanding what and how to dispose of electronic equipment has become another job requirement. Tune in to learn how to navigate the world of to e-waste recycling & sustainability.

The Virtual Helpdesk: Effective Outsourced IT Support

Tips, tricks and tools for integrating internal support teams and outsourced resources for the shortest response times, best use of skill sets, and greatest overall ROI.

Extending Your Reach with Videoconferencing and Telepresence

Video is the next major trend in business communication - tune in to see how your company can start using video to expand your reach, improve employee collaboration and save on expenses.