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Increase efficiency and enhance communications through Cisco TelePresence

Considering how video technology could provide advantages to your organization? This webinar will help.

A banking chain envisioned using videoconferencing to improve internal communications and put its agents in front of customers in remote locations, decreasing travel costs and enhancing customer experiences. TERACAI helped them build a Cisco TelePresence solution that allows them to enhance communications among team members and fulfills their vision of a smart office where customers meet face-to-face with the agents they need, regardless of physical location.

Derek Dyson, Generations Bank assistant vice president and support services officer, and David Hasfurter, TERACAI systems engineer, describe how Cisco TelePresence helped Generations Bank achieve their goals of using video to enrich organizational efficiencies and improve customer outcomes. The presentation includes a deeper dive on how TelePresence can be the ideal all-in-one collaboration solution, providing communications on a single platform from the desktop to the boardroom.

Want the full story? Read the case study and watch the video here.


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