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Security Assessment & Compliance

Such a complex web of technology, and the overwhelming number of security alerts, is a recipe for less, not more, protection. Adding more security talent can help, of course.


With more experts on board, the logic goes, the better the organization’s ability to manage technology and deliver better outcomes.TERACAI provides a modular, yet integrated, solutions suite to handle any level of cybersecurity management your organization requires.


Enhance your security posture, reduce risk, facilitate compliance, and improve operational efficiency with products and services that protect your business from vulnerabilities that could paralyze productivity.

Download Cisco's Annual Security Report for an expert analysis of top vulnerabilities in a cyber attack.

Security Management

Get an advanced baseline understanding of the state of your cybersecurity, with a list of vulnerabilities and a roadmap to ensure a secure future.


  • Proactive Security Assessment - Provides a snapshot of your current IT environment
  • Advanced Vulnerability Roadmap - Documents recommendations and highlights steps to further mitigate risk

Risk Management

Continuously monitor your IT environment and proactively protect your systems and information.


  • Security Operations Center - Protection, detection, response and recovery capabilities 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Automated continuous monitoring platform to analyze large volumes of data in real time
  • Measures risk against evolving threats and tracks progress toward achieving safe baselines
  • Domain name service visualization tool for mining large amounts of passive DNS data

Data Management

  • Allow data to be shared safely across and within networks
  • Intercept, authenticate, validate and forward critical data without adding vulnerabilities

Operations Management

Identify and guard against insider attacks, get on-call incident responses to cyber-attacks and tailor your cloud-based security architectures


  • Secure Cloud - Access to a secure, segmented research and development environment to address your cloud security initiatives and concerns
  • Insider Threat - Safeguard against internal attacks with technology and operational insight
  • Incident Response - Recognize and respond to a security incident quickly and efficiently to minimize damage
  • Identity and Access Management - Authenticate users’ identities and verify their permission level to access information