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Anyone, anywhere, any time

TERACAI can help you implement the entire suite of Cisco Webex solutions. Connect and collaborate with anyone, anywhere, any time. Share information and files and meet face-to-face, no matter the location - Webex solutions through TERACAI will help you increase productivity and enable collaboration with your employees and customers.

Webex Cloud Meeting Room

The ultimate “in-person” experience, joining Webex participants with TelePresence.


  • 1080p high-definition video resolution puts colleagues, partners and clients in one virtual room


  • Remove distance considerations, reduce travel costs, enhance productivity and facilitate quicker decision-making


  • Expand collaboration capabilities and create new business opportunities


  • Join from any device anywhere (iPad, iPhone, Android, Laptop, PC room based video conference)


  • Up to 25 TelePresence users and 500 Webex users in one conference

Webex Support Center

You can provide real-time support and service to employees and clients anywhere in the world with Webex Support Center.


  • Improve your customers' overall experience


  • Decrease resolution times


  • Control customers’ desktops to resolve issues quickly and efficiently


  • Easily monitor, queue, and route support requests


  • Facilitate improved communications to customers with high-quality video

Webex Training Center

Deliver a dynamic, interactive, real-time learning environment with increased audience participation engagement and management.


  • High-definition video capabilities


  • Break-out sessions and hands-on labs


  • Testing/polling options


  • Video and data sharing


  • Chats and Q&A

Webex Event Center

Create engaging, highly effective webinars that convey your ideas in a dynamic, feature-rich format.


  • Connect with customers, prospects and employees everywhere


  • End-to-end event management


  • Track and qualify sales leads


  • Easily capture valuable attendee information