Maintenance Services

Peace of mind against the unforeseeable and inevitable issues that arise

What goes through your mind the moment you realize your hardware just went down? Do you feel the stress build into panic as all the worst-case scenarios race through your mind? Or are you at ease knowing you have everything covered?


TERACAI can help:



  • Keep your performance levels high


  • Protect against potential failures and downtime


  • Make managing maintenance contracts a breeze


  • Guide you through product lifecycles to achieve lower total cost of ownership


Infrastructures with the latest and greatest hardware enabling the latest and greatest technology can mean little without the proper maintenance services.


In the business world, a short period of poor performance or downtime can mean large sums of money. In the healthcare world, the stakes are even higher. Failures and downtime can bring all kinds of costly problems. A wise organization knows that the proper use of maintenance services can be the difference between success and disaster.


Keeping your network performance high is vital for your organization. That’s why having a reliable partner for support and maintenance service is important.

Cisco Smart Net Total Care

At TERACAI we make getting maximum value from Smart Net Total Care simple. We can help you register, consolidate, and co-terminate all of your contracts and we’ll notify you in advance when it’s time to renew.


We will help:


  • Choose the proper level of coverage


  • Achieve maximum value from your Smart Net Total Care coverage


  • Manage and co-terminate of your contracts


  • Remind you of key contract dates


After all, what is Smart Net Total Care for? It’s to help ensure solid performance, business continuity, and peace of mind when it comes to your network.

Learn even more about how TERACAI will help you get the most out of Cisco Smart Net Total Care here.

Third-Party Maintenance

What’s the best way to get the right level of support for your technology investment? Is it simply to attach SMARTnet or another OEM’s maintenance to every piece of hardware you own? That would get you coverage, but but are you maximizing your spend correctly?


TERACAI can evaluate your current production environment and make recommendations for ongoing support.



To fully maximize your investment, you need to understand all available options, including OEM maintenance, OEM warranties, legacy and end-of-support products, third-party maintenance support and onsite spares.


We specialize in understanding these options and we can provide hybrid solutions that deliver the level of support you require based on your organization's risk tolerance. And we do it while cutting unnecessary costs out of the solution.



Whatever the right solution is for you, we’re here to help. Lower your operating expenses, eliminate downtime, and right-size your maintenance with a hybrid solution from TERACAI.


Learn more about the benefits of our third-party maintenance offering here.