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Cisco Smart Net Total Care

Our experts can help with any Smart Net Total Care contract dealings

You understand the advantages of putting Cisco Smart Net Total Care coverage to work for you. You get 24-hour access to experts in the Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC), your choice of 2-hour, 4-hour and next-business-day hardware replacement options, and Operating System (OS) software updates. All you need now is some help organizing your contracts.


TERACAI is your trusted partner for any Smart Net Total Care contract dealings. With our in-depth knowledge and expertise, we can help organize the specifics throughout the duration of your contract – from initial registration to managing any of your potential hardware upgrades and changes. We have a comprehensive understanding of the Cisco Service Contract Center online registration and contract management tools. And we’ll co-terminate your contract to one end date, thereby simplifying the renewal process.


Put our expertise to work for you. TERACAI contract management will help maximize:


  • Operational Savings - we can help right-size your entitlements, based on criticality of device, which can save on operational expenses.


  • IT Agility - we can work with you to determine a sparing strategy, as a means to cost-effectively provide business continuity.


  • Simplification - we can co-terminate and consolidate your contracts for easier and more effective administration.


  • Management - we can proactively oversee adds, moves, and changes to ensure your entitlements are current and uninterrupted.


  • Investment Protection - we can track and leverage remaining entitlements on upgraded and decommissioned gear, making sure you get the full life out of the contracts you’ve paid for.



TERACAI provides: You get:
Access to certified Smart Net Total Care experts. The peace of mind of having help with navigating the complicated Cisco Service Contract Center.
Help with initial registration and any moves, adds, and changes to your contract(s). The organization of having all the logistics of your contract management taken care of.
Consolidation of all your contracts. The simplicity of having fewer things to keep track of and worry about.
Co-termination of all your contracts to end on one date. The convenience of having your renewal date come only once per year.
Notification of your contract renewal in advance. The security of knowing you’ll never call TAC and be surprised to find out you’re not covered.
Coordination with Cisco to ensure your Cisco Connection Online (CCO) login is added to your contract. The flexibility of having access to online Cisco tools, including downloading software and opening cases.

Cisco Smart Net Total Care Service Levels

Cisco Smart Net Total Care has a level of service to fit organizations of all shapes and sizes. TERCAI is here to help make sure your plan is just right, never too big or too small.

Levels Coverage
Smart Net Total Care 24x7x4 24/7 access to Cisco support, 4-hour response time
Smart Net Total Care 24x7x2 24/7 access to Cisco support, 2-hour response time
Smart Net Total Care 8x5x4 Local business time access to Cisco support, 4-hour response time
Smart Net Total Care 8x5xNext Business Day Local business time access to Cisco support, next-business-day response

Cisco Smart Net Total Care Contracts

While each Cisco Smart Net Total Care plan is excellent in its own way, they aren’t all right for your needs and your business. Careful consideration must be taken before you commit to a contract.


Whether you need support with your Cisco Smart Net Total Care or want to know more about renewal, TERACAI is here to help. When it comes time to renew your Cisco Smart Net Total Care contract, TERACAI understand trhe logistics, so you can continue to have the best service possible.


Cisco Smart Net Total Care is a wise addition to any organization that wants to stay on top of its network. With the quality of Cisco and the customer service of TERACAI, you can’t go wrong. We're here for all your Cisco Smart Net Total Care support needs.