Professional Services
Configuration Services

Partners in your configuration and design

Ensure a problem-free installation by letting TERACAI design, stage, and configure your equipment in our state-of-the-art facility. TERACAI engineers can help eliminate out-of-box failures, and provide configuration and proof of concept assistance, while reducing your time from purchase to production.



Not sure which new product or technology best matches your business and IT goals? Let the TERACAI services team help you navigate the waters and provide you thorough yet cost effective solutions based on your business goals.  TERACAI can help you manage your way through the planning and execution of collaboration, virtualization, and networking services with the goal of streamlined management and support.

Staging and Configuration Services

TERACAI’s staging and configuration services provide you with the ability to procure product and have it ready for production when it reaches your facilities. This frees you to focus internal resources on your core business, customers and market opportunities. TERACAI works directly with you to identify the level of support needed, from full design to simply uploading a current configuration, while decreasing out-of-box failures and time to go from procurement to production.  



TERACAI’s state-of-the-art staging and configuration center provides the ability to pre-configure complex solutions and test them in a safe environment prior to implementation. This ensures on-time deployments with minimized risk to your production network. We encourage our customers to join us in the process - by shadowing our team you can learn new technologies, gain knowledge to provide necessary support post-implementation, and have the ability to ask questions along the way.

Technology Exploration Center

TERACAI’s Technology Exploration Center is comprised of our in-house live network testing facility. Here we can analyze technology in real-world networking scenarios. We test new and emerging solutions from the technologies you’re considering implementing, including virtualization, VoIP, wireless, UC, security and many more.

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