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Leadership Team


Peter E. Belyea


Peter E. Belyea is president of TERACAI and CXtec. He served as vice president of TERACAI during its launch, development and growth as a Cisco Silver Partner in 2009. In its first year, Belyea oversaw revenues exceeding $35 million.

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Tim Duffy

Vice President

Tim Duffy is vice president, where he is responsible for all aspects of sales, product management, solutions architecture and services delivery.

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Bruce Peterson

Chief Information Officer

Bruce Peterson is Chief Information Officer for CXtec and TERACAI, where he is responsible for providing vision and leadership in the development and implementation of CXtec wide IT programs. He will also lead the companies in planning and implementing enterprise information systems to support all business operations while upholding the values and goals of the companies.

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Barbara Ashkin

CFO and Vice President

Barbara Ashkin is vice president and CFO of TERACAI and CXtec, where she is responsible for overseeing the financial condition and economic strategy of both companies. She managed and led the launch of TERACAI in 2009, which has been one of Cisco’s largest partners worldwide since its inception.


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Tawney Crystal

Vice President of Human Resources

Tawney Crystal is the vice p[resident of human resources for TERACAI and CXtec, where she is responsible for leading and directing the overall management of human resources services, policies and programs to support the long-term goals of both companies.

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Renee Duffy

Vice President of Marketing

Renee Duffy is the vice president of marketing for TERACAI and CXtec, where she is responsible for managing the strategic marketing efforts of both companies, including overall messaging, branding and business development.

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