The real-time access you want, the air-tight security you need

With multiple users accessing more and more interactive media simultaneously, bandwidth requirements are rapidly increasing and showing no signs of slowing down. TERACAI can help you design a Cisco wireless solution that provides the performance and scalability you need to keep up.

Our solutions include:

  • Cisco Access Points - Combine the mobility of wireless with the performance of wired networks.
  • Cisco Wireless LAN Controllers - Support small or large wireless network deployments with flexible deployment models, including new virtualization options.
  • Cisco Mobility Services and Management - Deliver rich mobility services, and unify the management and monitoring of your wireless network.
  • Cisco Meraki Cloud-Managed Wireless - Centrally manage campus and distributed wireless networks via the cloud.
  • Cisco Outdoor Wireless Access Points - Deliver real-time access to people, applications and network resources, transforming downtime into productive time.

Recover value from your retired assets

Now that you’ve upgraded to a new wireless solution that supports better collaboration and growth for your company, what do you do with all your old hardware? Although you’re no longer using your wireless equipment it’s still a valuable asset.

We offer IT asset disposition (ITAD) services that will determine the market value for all your retired hardware, and help you maximize your return on investment.

Our ITAD practices adhere to the industry’s strictest standards for data security, so you’ll know that your sensitive information will stay protected.

Case Study

In this short video, Seth Mulligan, former vice president of innovation services for CenterState CEO at Syracuse Technology Garden, explains how partnering with TERACAI has prepared his team with the knowledge to continue moving their technology forward.

The Syracuse Technology Garden’s goal was to implement a streamlined technology infrastructure and cloud-based wireless system that would be scalable into the future, and provide significantly increased capabilities.

Stories from the field

Educational Institution Success Story - Wireless

We recently worked with an IT director at a university that was about to miss a major deadline.

This director had been working with another VAR for almost a year and a half to install a wireless system at a new dormitory that was opening on campus. The University promoted this new facility as being WiFi-capable and notified students who were going to live in this dorm that they would be charged a small fee for access to this service.

During the design phase of this project the VAR spec’d the latest Cisco Access Point that hadn’t yet been released. As the opening deadline loomed, the client was told that the current design wouldn’t be ready for at least two months after they needed it because the access point wouldn’t be available until then. The VAR stuck to that design with little regard to the missed deadline, the missed revenue, or the missed opportunity to make a spectacular first impression on the incoming students. Not to mention job security for this IT Director.

That is when they contacted TERACAI. Three weeks before the dorm was set to open they gave a desperate plea for help to have a system that would perform to the standards they had promised their students. In just three short weeks we worked with their network team to redesign the wireless network, developed a bill of material, got official approval, procured and received the Cisco equipment and cabling, and had the system installed one day prior to the students moving in.

The best part? We came in under what had been budgeted with the other VAR. In the end the project was a great success and because the project was under budget we made the IT Director look great. If you’re looking to work with a team committed to your success and meeting or exceeding business objectives then you want to work with TERACAI.