About Us

Business-Powered Technology™

Technology is no longer a necessary evil for business. Gone are the days when we saw technology as a nuisance to be borne and learned, only to fail us when we needed it most.

Now technology drives our businesses forward – but how do you harness this driving force and use it to your advantage?

You engage a partner like TERACAI. We're here to help you find the right technology for you – then use it as a competitive advantage in your field.

TERACAI helps you get the most out of your technology investment so you can focus on making your organization thrive. We not only partner with you to plan and implement your technology, but we stick around to make sure you use it to its fullest potential.

The goal is to discover creative ways for you to make wise investments at every step of your technology's life cycle – maximizing value and the efficiency of your technology infrastructure.


Our life cycle management services allow you to get the most out of your technology investment so you can focus on making your organization thrive.


•  Minimize CAPEX and lower OPEX with customized solutions
•  Have choices on how to invest your technology budget
•  Reduce your reliance on OEM offerings
•  Customize blended solutions specific to your needs
•  Make your job simpler and free up time and budget


We employ just the right combination of Know-How, Execution, Synergy, and Adaptability to deliver services and solutions that make your job easier and put you in charge.


TERACAI's expertise is demonstrated by our vast industry experience and the depth of our technical competence. We can keep you out in front of the rapidly changing technology landscape.

  • We have experience working with organizations across multiple geographic boundaries, in various industry verticals and with a broad range of technological needs.
  • Our engineers have extensive experience in providing customized solutions to organizations of all sizes and hold numerous manufacturer certifications.
  • TERACAI has the right connections with industry solution providers to move your IT projects forward – from data center cabling to virtual infrastructure. We work with more than 15 partners to provide unique solutions to your unique problems.
  • We offer unparalleled expertise in the areas of enterprise networking, collaboration, and security.


Your organization has very specific needs and circumstances – our unique methodology allows us to fully understand them and makes partnering with us easy. With budgets shrinking and your team members gaining increased responsibilities, we understand it's not always easy to plan and execute new projects at the rate your organization demands.

  • We use proven ITIL processes built to manage complex and advanced technologies.
  • With our ISO 9001:2008-certified quality management system, you know that your projects will go through the same processes with the same level of care each time. Our team is regularly trained and tested to guarantee that we're utilizing the most efficient means to achieve your business goals.
  • Testing lab – TERACAI's Technology Exploration Center is our in-house live network testing facility where we can analyze technology in real-world networking scenarios. In our Technology Exploration Center, we provide hands-on demos to illustrate the effectiveness of any potential solution you're considering.
  • Staging and configuration – We have an electrostatic discharge (ESD)-protected facility where our engineers can re-create your live network environment to test proof-of-concept for any solution we propose. This state-of-the-art staging and configuration center provides the ability to pre-configure complex solutions and test them in a safe environment prior to implementation. We invite your team to join us during this process to see firsthand and test how the new technologies will perform in your network setting.


You have limited time and resources – we're here to augment your in-house technical team. When you work with us, you gain extensive resources that help simplify the implementation of your technology solutions and enhance your ability to accomplish business goals. Customer service isn't just what we do – it's who we are.

  • TERACAI can supplement your projects by filling any potential gaps in time, knowledge, technology or staffing.
  • We're a trusted business partner who reduces the complexity of today's technology implementations by providing expertise, experience, and the dedication to deliver an unmatched level of customer service.
  • By working with industry-leading manufacturer partners, TERACAI is able to provide you with comprehensive solutions to fit every aspect of your agile and scalable technology infrastructure.
    • Cisco Premier Partner
    • Dell Certified Premier Partner
    • VMware Enterprise Solution Provider
  • We use a Net Promoter management tool to encourage customer feedback and constantly improve our processes.


You're looking for a provider with the flexibility to help you implement custom solutions and work within the unique parameters your organization offers. TERACAI doesn't deliver one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter solutions.

  • We learn the ins and outs of your current technology platforms, your upcoming needs and your future goals.
  • It's our goal to provide tailored solutions that meet the needs of your infrastructure, your end users, and your customers/clients. Your goals become our goals – and we find the right technology platform to accomplish those objectives.
  • We work with your entire team to help reduce the learning curve on new technologies so you can quickly come up to speed and more effectively manage your infrastructure immediately after implementation.
  • When you work with TERACAI, rest assured that your organization and your critical projects become our priority. As your trusted partner, you will receive individualized service and support from us every step of the way.