Business-Powered Technology™

Enterprise Networking
Our team can help you determine how best to optimize your core networking infrastructure by assessing your current challenges and future needs. We can design, spec and install a Cisco core networking solution that drives your organization forward.
Data Center
Now more than ever having a stable, scalable data center foundation is imperative to meet your organization’s business goals. If you need to implement data center technologies today, let our expert TERACAI engineers be your guide.
Get the benefits of immediate face-to-face communication to the desk, home office or other remote locations. You’ll enjoy real-time access to information and set the stage for better collaboration through virtual meetings, audio conferencing and more.
Understand the challenges you must overcome to close the windows cyber criminals work to exploit so you can reduce costly breaches. Don’t wait for a security breach to show you where your vulnerabilities lie. Let TERACAI keep your network protected with our comprehensive security solutions.
A valuable resource to enhance your in-house IT team, our extensive service offerings allow you to supplement your projects by filling any potential gaps in time, knowledge, technology or staffing.
Smart investments throughout the IT life cycle

Find the right technology for you – then use it as a competitive advantage in your field

Our life cycle management services allow you to get the most out of your technology investment.

  • Minimize CAPEX and lower OPEX with customized solutions
  • Have choices on how to invest your technology budget
  • Reduce your reliance on OEM o¬fferings
  • Customize blended solutions specific to your needs
  • Make your job simpler and free up time and budget

Case Studies

Creating success for your organization is a team venture. These case studies illuminate how TERACAI can partner with you to guide your projects from concept to completion - and beyond.


How Teamwork Creates Success in Business and IT Solutions

Let’s face it, the challenges of the modern world can be too complex, requiring a multitude of skillsets to get things done. It seems that teamwork is the only way to accomplish anything in this age; and there are good reasons why this is so.