Pointing the way to better productivity

Because today’s business world thrives on communication, technology that can break down barriers and streamline mobile productivity is always in high demand. TERACAI can help your workforce connect with clients and each other from anywhere, bring your remote teams together no matter where they’re located, and drive productivity like never before.

Design a Cisco collaboration solution that provides real-time voice,video and data over a single platform, enabling people using different modes of communication, different media and different devices to communicate to anyone, anywhere at any time.

Get the benefits of immediate face-to-face communication to the desk, home office or other remote locations. Your team will enjoy real-time access to information and set the stage for better collaboration through virtual meetings, audio conferencing and more.

In today’s rapidly-changing world, most IT staff members find it difficult to stay completely up-to-date with the latest IT trends and technologies. If you need to deploy advanced UC technology today, let our expert TERACAI engineers be your guide.

A collaboration solution from TERACAI consists of:


Utilizing video to put people in the same room together - regardless of their location - can be a progressive attribute for your business.


UC is an intelligent and scalable way to deliver integrated IP telephony services like voice, conferencing and email into a single platform.