Enterprise Networking


Delivering networking solutions that keep you connected

Better business often calls for better core networking technology. And at TERACAI, we take our mission - and your results - personally.

The way businesses are doing IT is changing from tactical to strategic and from reactive management to proactively driving business forward. Complicating things further is consumerization, which introduces additional risks and opportunities for organizations looking to maintain a secure network while increasing efficiency and productivity.

In today’s rapidly changing world, most IT staff members find it difficult to stay completely up-to-date with the latest IT trends and technologies. If you need to deploy advanced core networking technology today, let our expert TERACAI engineers be your guide.

A core networking solution from TERACAI consists of:

Routing & Switching

Your routing and switching infrastructure is the cornerstone network. Let TERACAI help ensure consistent network uptime from the core of your network to its edge.


The growing sophistication of viruses challenge you every day. Don’t wait for a security breach to show you where your vulnerabilities lie.


With multiple users accessing more and more interactive media simultaneously, bandwidth requirements are rapidly increasing and showing no signs of slowing down.

TERACAI's simple process makes it as easy as

1. Design 2. Staging 3. Knowledge

Our team of sales professionals and engineers can help you determine how best to optimize your core networking infrastructure by assessing your current challenges and future needs. As a Cisco Premier Partner and expert technology integrator, TERACAI can design, spec and install a Cisco core networking solution that drives your organization further.

Armed with specializations in Cisco Borderless and Cisco Data Center architectures - the highest level of Cisco certification possible - we can provide the solutions you need to increase ROI and improve end-user satisfaction while optimizing your limited resources.

Simple core networking deployments with TERACAI

TERACAI’s efficient process makes it easy for you to get the complete solution you need, with fewer hiccups along the way. From pre-sales and staging to deployment and knowledge transfer, our process is as easy as 1-2-3.


Early Engagement: Our team of sales professionals and engineers gets engaged up-front to assess your current business drivers, challenges and future needs.
Strategic Design: We strategize the best way to optimize your core networking infrastructure, considering your business goals and the needs of your budget. Integrating Cisco Refresh equipment where it makes sense is a strategy that has helped our customers reallocate budget dollars and drive more business applications.
Holistic View: We evaluate your entire networking infrastructure in the context of using your technology to drive business, helping you avoid short-sighted decisions today that could impact your productivity tomorrow.


Pre-Deployment Staging: Before any equipment is deployed, we can bring it all in-house to our 10,000-square-foot configuration and staging area - a service many customers use to their advantage.
Testing Assurance: We can stage all your equipment, load all your custom configurations and test all components together for full assurance of success.
Risk Prevention: Our process eliminates the costly effects of out-of-box failure, return visits from engineers and project delays.
Proof-of-Concept Testing: In complex environments, we enable you to bring additional gear on-site and perform your own proof-of-concept testing to ensure full functionality.

Learning from the Start: Knowledge transfer begins during our initial staging and configuration process, which you are encouraged to attend.
Side-by-Side Success: Working alongside TERACAI engineers, you can get a good technology overview and start building a working knowledge of using and managing your new equipment.
No Disconnect in Handoff: The same engineers involved in your design, staging and configuration process also take part in the delivery and on-site deployment, bringing the knowledge transfer full circle.
Full Documentation: After deployment, we provide full documentation for the entire network solution.