Data Center


A stable, scalable data center foundation is essential

Information is vital to business success. Organizations are creating, sharing, storing, and managing more data all the time. This will only continue with greater intensity in the future. As IT continues to evolve, you simply can’t afford to have a technology infrastructure that is inefficient or hard to manage. All of this data runs through your data center - now more than ever having a stable, scalable data center foundation is imperative to meet your organization’s business goals.

It begins with a well-designed and features flexible modular switching platforms that enable the virtualization solutions that help you reap benefits for your organization.

In today’s rapidly-changing world, most IT staff members find it difficult to stay completely up-to-date with the latest IT trends and technologies. If you need to data center technologies today, let our expert TERACAI engineers be your guide.

A data center solution from TERACAI consists of:

Data Center Networking

By consolidating multiple physical networks into a single virtual network, you can simplify and automate daily operations, and unify your overall management.

Layer One Infrastructure

We provide all the cabling and data center equipment you need to ensure your technology infrastructure has the high-performance connectivity it requires.

Server Virtualization

Lower your data center’s power and cooling costs, and reduce your overall data center footprint by requiring far fewer machines.

Storage Virtualization

Simplify backup, archive and recover tasks, while eliminating downtime, optimizing your existing storage assets and leveraging your centralized data protection systems.

Desktop Virtualization

Deliver to your end users their entire desktops—complete with operating systems, applications and data—all from an easily managed, controlled and automated platform.

Validated Architectures

Evaluate the functional requirements that are essential for your organization, and which architectures are certified to meet them.

Our simple process makes it as easy as

1. Design
2. Staging
3. Knowledge

What can a well-designed data center strategy do for you?

A highly flexible modular switching platform can deliver the performance and density needed in today’s robust data center environments. This allows organizations to turn to virtualization solutions. By consolidating multiple physical networks into a single virtual network, you can:

  1. Simplify and automate daily operations
  2. Unify and streamline overall management
  3. Save money on power, cooling, staff expenses and capital expenditures

TERACAI’s data center solutions leverage the power of leading brands to ensure a complete solution that you can count to meet or surpass all your objectives.

Simple data center deployments with TERACAI

TERACAI’s efficient process makes it easy for you to get the complete solution you need, with fewer hiccups along the way. From pre-sales and staging to deployment and knowledge transfer, our process is as easy as 1-2-3.


  • Early Engagement: Our team of sales professionals and engineers get engaged up-front to examine your entire operation and take every aspect of potential savings into consideration.
  • Strategic Design: We strategize the best way to optimize your virtualization strategies while staying within your budget.
  • Holistic View: We evaluate your entire IT infrastructure, helping you avoid short-sighted decisions today that could impact your productivity tomorrow.


  • Pre-Deployment Staging: Before any equipment is deployed, we can bring it all in-house to our 10,000-square-foot configuration and staging area - a service many customers use to their advantage.
  • Testing Assurance: We can stage all your equipment, load all your custom configurations and test all components together for full assurance of success.
  • Risk Prevention: Our process eliminates the costly effects of out-of-box failure, return visits from engineers and project delays.
  • Proof-of-Concept Testing: In complex environments, we enable you to bring additional gear on-site and perform your own proof-of-concept testing to ensure full functionality.


  • Learning from the Start: Knowledge transfer begins during our initial staging and configuration process, which you are encouraged to attend.
  • Side-by-Side Success: Working alongside TERACAI engineers, you can get a good technology overview and start building a working knowledge of using and managing your new equipment.
  • No Disconnect in Handoff: The same engineers involved in your design, staging and configuration process also take part in the delivery and on-site deployment, bringing the knowledge transfer full circle.
  • Full Documentation: After deployment, we provide full documentation for your entire virtualization solution.