Take learning to the next level

Technology is changing the very nature of education – the only question is how you’ll use it to further your institution’s success. Digitized classrooms now offer multi-media learning techniques tasking you with providing instant access to information, as well as full-time, long-distance and collaborative learning opportunities. Flipped-learning even has students watching video lectures outside of class – further straining the limits of the technology platform you’ve designed.


With these advancements comes a lot of responsibility. It’s imperative you build a scalable, high-functioning technology infrastructure that can provide students, faculty and administration the ability to advance education to places only imagined before now.


TERACAI is here to help you do just that. We understand how to help you improve learning experiences and optimize efficiency while reducing the complexity of your technology.


  • Deliver wireless technology that removes the strings from students and staff and allows them to take their learning anywhere.



  • Navigate the complexities of BYOD and make it an opportunity for your school to lead the way.


  • Unify communications to provide a seamless collaboration experience that uses technology to increase student engagement both inside and outside the classroom.


Your priority is to deliver the technology that transforms student/teacher experiences, but stay within budgets set by the administration and public. Not an easy task, especially when the technologies change quickly and threaten to make your investments obsolete.


You need a partner that can help guide you to the solutions that make sense for your district, your teachers and your students. TERACAI understands how to help you use technology to construct dynamic learning environments that enable teachers and improve student motivation.

Higher Education

Your institution must prepare students for careers in which technology will play a critical role in their success. They expect your infrastructure to be prepared to handle the technologies they need to complete their learning – even if it’s long-distance and any time of the day or night.


Professors expect to use new methods of teaching driven by technology. The classroom now has no limits – except those that your network places on it. Make your infrastructure the reason your institution grows and stays a dynamic force of education in the future. TERACAI can help you take your technology to the next level.

Case Study

School District Enhances Educational Experiences with Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Solution

In this short video, Theodore Love, director of technology for the Phoenix Central School District, explains how its virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solution has simplified endpoint management and allows Phoenix to deliver a consistent end user experience no matter where a teacher or student logs in.

Read the full case study here.

Watch a webinar based on this project here.


Lock Haven University

Bo Miller of Lock Haven University describes the benefits of working with TERACAI on a unified communications solution.

Northwestern College

Bill Baker of Northwestern College explains how TERACAI helped his team implement a Cisco wireless solution.

Granville County Schools

Damien Ball of Granville County Schools, NC explains how TERACAI helped his district use technology tools to engage students and help them learn in a different way.